Three years ago I did a crowdfunder to record an EP.  It is, as of January 2020, so nearly ready…  not because it has a chorus of a thousand angels or anything, but I also relocated to Australia and it turns out it is tricky to collaborate remotely!  We’re going to release this stuff track by track this year, and the first to find out about them will be the mailing list.  So sign up for updates:


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Below is the old content for this page, last updated November 2016.  Whoops.  I’ll come back and sort this all out at some point.

Latest music updates

Original music

For years writing songs and playing music  has been my side thing. Calling it a hobby meant just that; I didn’t have to take it seriously. But since leaving my job in the city I decided that this is something that I have to do – I’m recording an EP.  And I would love your help in making this happen.

The crowdfunder campaign finishes on the 28th November – so not long now!  Go to the crowdfunder site to pledge support, and/or sign up to updates below to be kept informed of the tracks as they are released.  The first one is going to be released incredibly soon…

Guitar for hire

I also do covers sets for bars, weddings, etc. I have a repertoire of approximately 150 songs and am willing to learn requests too. Get in touch using the links below to set this up.