sfu_crt_bdg_pardot_cnsltnt_rgbB2B marketing is often an exercise in ticking boxes and looking like you are keeping up with the cool kids. But by asking yourself the right questions, looking frankly at your performance, and focusing on achievable objectives, online marketing can demonstrably affect your bottom line.

With a genuinely balanced all-round online marketing skillset, I combine technical, analytical and creative disciplines whilst keeping as buzz-word free and straightforward as possible.

Generally available short-notice on a day-rate or scoped project price.

  • Complete online marketing strategy formation and execution
  • Sales and marketing alignment (process, tools and reporting)
  • Bespoke reporting, including Google Analytics, Salesforce, social networks and Pardot
  • Content management on popular CMS e.g. WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Tridion
  • Full Pardot services offering including setup, administration, campaign management and execution
  • Email marketing programme setup in any platform
  • Social media profile management and consultancy
  • Copywriting and basic graphics work

A certified Salesforce Pardot Consultant, I have a particular specialty in “fixing” the relationship between Sales and Marketing by ensuring both functions are getting what they need from lead generation and scoring.