I have put down all my vocals and guitar for the Crossing Oceans EP with Mr Paul West at Awesome Source Music, and yesterday he married my sister! It is no coincidence that I am choosing today to leave – I would have left a lot earlier having been made redundant in July, but waited for the wedding of course. And here we are. But I didn’t think today was going to make me feel this sick. When you are at a wedding between an old friend and your sister, who is carrying an early draft of what is bound to be a genius baby, it kinda hits you in the face what you are going to be missing out on. Amongst friends we danced ridiculously and chatted without nonsense pleasantries. I think it was so perfect and comfortable I hardly realised it was happening. Saying goodbye to each of the family one by one today was tearful every time, and I thought “what the hell am I doing?” a fair few times.

But something in me needs to be adventuring. I get depressed without it, quite seriously. Okay so it doesn’t have to be a complete ditching of everything every time but maybe this is because I have left it so long, like an argument with a loved one that builds up way beyond proportion.

To leave Rachel was hard as we are close, but there is a symmetry in it – I came back from Honduras 10 years ago for my other sister’s wedding. And Rachel has a husband to look after her now! I am sad to leave them all, although some cheesy fridge magnet once taught me that you need to avoid being a character in someone else’s story. And so on goes this story.

I don’t intend to make all these blogs quite this mushy don’t you worry – but you will get what is on my mind and this is it today!

19 thoughts on “26 hours to Barcelona…

  1. Miss you Jack Sorry I never knew please enjoy my friend and I will read the blogs with interest and see you when you return x

  2. So beautifully written. Thankyou Jack not only have you been there for Rachel but also for my wonderful daughter Lucy. For this I will be forever grateful. We of course are all looking forward to you making it to the shores of Australia. The good news is that I keep a couple of bottles of spitfire in the fridge and will make sure that is the case from now on, never quite knowing when you will turn up. Good luck, Bon voyage and see yer mate x

  3. Sounds like you have a great adventure ahead of you. Really get what you mean about leaving being bittersweet. Was the same for us.

    Good luck with your trip and Australia, looking forward to your next posts!

  4. “Feeling the size of the earth” – love it. Kept replaying your response when I told you that the world is not so big and you told me that you are going to prove that. We are holding you to that and so I love the idea of this blog as it will help that. Safe travels. Looking forward to reading more. Love you.

  5. Jack, as a fellow world explorer it was refreshing to read about the actual depression that is felt when you haven’t been on an adventure in so long. The hurt of missing that has been very literal to me of late; I am in awe of your next trip. Have an incredible time. Live in the present and never look down for to long.

  6. I will enjoy reading about your adventures, Jack. The way things are right now in the UK, it strikes me as a great time to be doing this. Who knows I may follow your lead as I am facing a similar situation at work. Best of luck! Xx

    1. Well, apart from the fact that the pound is now almost equal to the Euro, you are right about the timing! Good luck with your endeavours too, it seems to be going well for you x

    1. Thanks Immers, I am sorry I didn’t get my act into gear and come and see you before I went. Perhaps you are due a holiday? I hear the Panama area is very nice just after new year

  7. Good luck Jack and I hope you will find your way in this world – Take care and don’t forget where are your friends and family – wherever you will be 🙂 Dago

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